The setting in which wellness occurs.

Divine place

Overall connector in all settings, e.g. inspired thoughts, intuitive restructuring and conscience/ purpose/ meaning shifts.

Appointed place

Exclusive immediate setting, i.e. the "person's operating environment" i.e. family, place of worship, spouse & parenting role.


The immediate setting in which wellness has to be experienced, e.g. a position, team, department, affected by factors such as organizational politics, power, status, history, community, social experience (relationship, traditions & culture).


The overall organizational/ institutional setting in which wellness has to be experienced, that is the unique and features of a given organisation/ institution.

Wellness Programme Principles

Advantages of a Proactive Wellness Programme

Low health care cost due to a healthier workplace/workforce.

Engaged and productive workforce.

Tool to attract and retain top employees.

Decrease of absenteeism.